Eyeclick / EYEWALL Interactive System


Gesture-based interactive display provides advertising revenue as well as

increased consumer interest and in-store product sales.

WINNIPEG - The EyeClick installation in one of Western Canada’s largest night clubs has the place hopping with excitement. The 10 foot  interactive image wall, showcases dynamic pictures, objects and movies that respond to the hand and body gestures of the dancers near the wall. At a time when advertisers are looking for new ways to present their brand and products through innovative mediums, the EyeClick interactive presentations by VisionGate are a winner.

EyeWall at Blush

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Blush & RedBull put on a dynamic DJ competition that wowed the spectators. VisionGate  & EyeClick presented an interactive showcase of the competing DJ’s with elements of the promotional materials.

Blush-Redbull Event

EyeTouch Interactive Display System

EyeClick is an exciting technology offering touchless, gesture recognition - hand and body motion enabled, multi-touch software solutions that provide an innovative new way of interfacing with consumers.

This technology is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways of engaging people in a public space – providing both entertainment and relevant information.

Recent studies show that users are 10 times as likely to recall the message of an interactive advertisement as a static one.

We can provide a customer experience that is truly unique, and allows you to deliver your content to them in an interactive way that is guaranteed to get their attention and ensures that your message is seen and remembered. Studies indicate that consumer recall is up to 50% higher when exposed to interactive media.

So, whether you are looking to connect with your customers at retail stores, shopping centers, events, business venues or even develop a multi-faceted immersive marketing campaign, our solutions are guaranteed to create real, tangible value at any location.

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